Sunday, May 22, 2011

Graduation Celebration!

Planning a graduation soiree?  Still looking for invitations?

These are a free PDF for our all our wonderful readers.  Choose the color from the list below (one color per card, but you can request more than one card), email us at info@shysocialites, letting us know which color you would like and we will mail it back to you.

Dark Red, Orange,Gold, Dark Green,Navy Blue or Purple

Want something more personal? Perhaps an invitation in your graduate's favorite colors, incorporating their high-school career, hobbies and friends?  We can create a custom invitation for you, the PDF file is $25, or contact us if you wish to purchase your invitation from Zazzle.

Looking for more still?  We can help create the whole party, from favors, to menu ideas and more, even helping you track down the things you need in your area.  Looking for a special gift for the graduate?  How about a character portrait?  Contact to find out more about any of our services...enjoy and congratulations to all of the 2011 graduates!

Want something more personal?  We can create a custom graduation invitation for you
$25 for a custom PDF file or contact us about purchasing your invitations through our Zazzle store

Saturday, May 21, 2011

***WIN*** an Ice Cream Party!

What is more fun than a ICE CREAM PARTY!!  Whether it is a birthday party for a special kid, or a sophisticated ice cream cocktail party, nothing is more fun that the sweet cool treat, and you could WIN an entire party from the Shy Socialites.

One Fabulous Winner will receive ALL of the following!

* a consultation with our  illustrators and designers
* a sample portfolio with a custom color chart, illustrations party favor and decor ideas
* a printed set of invitations, favors and decor for 8
* a consultation with Chef Davenport who will help you choose the perfect appetizers and snacks,
   with your ice cream flavors and guest in mind!
* a printed menu for your party guests
* ice cream service set for 8, chosen to coordinate with your party
* additional decor items chosen to coordinate with your party
* party games chosen especially for your party
* assorted sprinkles and ice-cream toppings chosen for your party
* $20 gift-card for purchasing ice cream and snacks!

How do you win?  Write to us at
Make the subject line "Ice Cream Party".
When you write your address will be added to our email list, a list we are compiling for a future newsletter to be filled with all sorts of wonderfulness (we do not send emails out more than once a week, unless you write us directly, in which case we will write you back)
If you would like to be on our print-mailing list, include a physical address the body of the email.

That is it, you will then be added to the random drawing.

We will be accepting entries until June 5, 2011

You do not need to do anything else, just write to us.  Of course,we would love it if you would share a link to this post with all of your friends, the more the merrier, and if they win, I am sure you will be invited to the party!  So share, share away, please!

The fine print-after your consultation, we may use the invitation we created for you in our Zazzle or Etsy stores, even if your illustration  includes a custom character.  All personal information will be removed from the merchandise.  Your completed party will be added to our portfolio.  If you send us pictures (which we would love) please include a small note of permission saying we can use them in our portfolio and/or on our Internet sites.  If for some reason we are unable to complete the entire project for the winner, the winner will be sent the $20 gift card, and we will re-play this give-away.

Have Fun, cannot wait for the party!

the Shy Socialites

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Taking a Dream on the Road - the CCB Food Truck

I have a favor to ask, and I will be up front, this favor will cost money, but what you get to help make happen is AWESOME.

You have the opportunity to help make some wonderful peoples dream come true!

Help Cripple Creek Barbreque get a food truck!  Chef John and his family (the beautiful Stacy and CCB Jr) make an amazing product, which you can find here at their website.  I have used their sauces and gifted them to friends.  Soon, the Shy Socialites Chef Davenport will be creating some delicious recipes using CCB products that we will be sharing with all of you.

In addition to making the sauce and rubs, Chef John is an amazing food-artisan (like my creative words), whose dream it is to bring delicious and healthy food to the masses via the Cripple Creek food truck.  He is going to share his love of food and knowledge of healthy eating with others!

There are amazing gifts you can receive for different levels of sponsorship, most of the gifts are donated by small businesses, so there is a limited number of each.

Get all the details here.

Have a dream you want to share, feel free to post about it in the comments.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Would YOU like to be a Shy Socialite?

The Shy Socialites are looking for Wedding-theme models.  Interested?  What we are looking for are pictures of your special day that we can use in our catalog and portfolio as examples of what we can do for our clients. We are currently looking for
bride photos (full gown and face)
groom photos
wedding couple photos
bridesmaid and groomsmen photos
flower girl and ring- bearer photos
pets dressed for the event photos
cake photos
You MUST have permission from the photographer/cake designer to share the photos (photos you took yourself and cakes you have made yourself are perfect), and we will need permission from you to use your photo and your illustrated likeness in our example catalog, as well as permission to use your illustrated likeness in our catalog of characters for those who want to quick-pick already drawn characters.  We also may change or modify your likeness in out catalog.  Please include your name and an alternative name for your character (we want each character to have their own name, consider your middle or surname, or just a name you love!)

What YOU will get if your photo is chosen- Each person chosen will receive a file of their illustrated character image (or couple) as well as a face “avatar” of themselves to use online.  One or two lucky models will received a digital file paper-doll of themselves!  You will not received exclusives rights to the image, as they are intended for our business, while you can print them out and use them on items you make for yourself, and you will not have permission to resell the image.  We cannot guarantee and exact match for hair, eye or skin colors.
If you are interested, write to info@shysocialites .com for details and the steps we need to take.
Not all photos sent may be used, but keep in mind we will have many more model-casting calls this year.  This one is just for WEDDING theme characters.  No wedding photos?  Don't fret, more casting calls coming soon!
the Shy Socialites

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Green Brunch Set

It was a close race, but Spring Green is our  not fret, I am sure a lilac gift is on it's way.
In the meantime if you would like this mini PDF set write to
Please indicate you would like the Spring Brunch set.  We have a lot of wonderful gifts for you, too many to send them all in one email, so when we get email requesting "the free PDF" or "all the free PDFs", we are not sure what to send!

Thank you so much, have an amazing day!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lilac or Spring Green

We here at the Shy Socialites labratories are comeing up with some snazzy new ideas for "Spring Brunch" sets, and we want to create a little sample set as our gift to you!
Let us know if you would prefer the set in Lilac or Spring Green, and we will post it for everyone soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

A Thoughtful Year of the Rabbit Gift from World Label & the Shy Socialites

Celebrate an entire year of good-fortune with these two amazing year-of the rabbit label sets from World Label and the Shy Socialites
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