Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Style Calendar for 2011

This is a fabulous free gift from the Shy Socialites and Trillustrations.

Pages of tips, ideas and activities to help you develop and be comfortable with your own personal style in 2011.

The 21-page kit includes a 12 month calendar, wardrobe inventory pages, lined writing pages and more.

If you would like your copy, please write to and request the Style Calendar

Happy 2011!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Plum Perfect 2011 mini Party-Kit

A gift from us to you and your small gathering of about 6 people, include the 3 inch circles from before, as well as mini candy bar wrappers and 6 "personality" drink markers...includes one for you, you Socialite you, you can also invite a Beauty Queen, Super Hero, Comedian, Rock-Star and Millionaire!

write to us at to receive this free gift as a PDF file.

Have a Fun and Fantastic 2011


the Shy Socialites

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2011 Will Be Plum Perfect!

Still looking for a 2011 New Years party theme?  
How about "2011 will be Plum Perfect!"
The new year is a great time to focus on everything that is going right, and getting better, and to look forward to a plum-perfect future!

It is also a great time to start thinking about the 2011 season color palettes! Here at the Shy Socialites laboratories, one of our favorite things is playing with color, mixing, matching and concocting until we are giddy!

These 2 inch circles attached to toothpicks or craft sticks will add some of the plum perfection to your party table!

Look for more plum perfect merchandise this week!

Click to enlarge, right click and save image or write to us for the PDF file

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Something is Popping!

the Shy Socialites have a new item we can customize for you as part of your event or party package, mini popcorn boxes!  The design ideas are endless, from patterns to monograms to matching the colors to your event!  How about fun nautical ones with a scatter of stars and seahorses?  A bride and grooms name, a birthday boy or girls name, you can even use these as place-setting cards, we can even include party information.  They would make fun invites you hand to your guests. 
We will combine our talents and creativity to come up with something wonderful!    In celebration, here is a free print-at-home box for you  to try!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Website Blog

Stop by the blog on our website, where you will find some wonderful tips, creative ideas and delicious recipes

Why YOU should follow the Shy Sociallites on Facebook

1-Because we are the Snazzy (okay that is enough right?)
2-Because you will find up to the minute tips and ideas for your next shindig, soiree, or just for everyday,
3-Because you are our guest there, not a fan or liker or anything like that, our invited, adored and honor guest.
4-Because we want to talk to you and that is a great place to talk.
5-Because usually Bobbie, Daisy, Strafe or Davenport will be keeping an eye on the place (at least one of us) and we can send a text to whoever you are trying to get ahold of.
6-Because it will make Daisy squeal and hop around like a bunny who just ate a candy-cane.
7-Because Strafe and Davenport are really cute
8-Because Bobbie and Daisy are really cute.
9-Because we are asking, please :)

While we are still trying to find the best way to get information to and from all of our wonderful guest, there will be things posted both here and on the facebook page, such as the Q&A session with Chef Davenport., let us know which you prefer!

This is our Facebook Page

Questions about decorating or party planning?
contact Bobbie or Daisy

Questions about cooking and menu planning?
contact Chef Davenport

Questions about party location, travel and games?
contact Strafe

Comfort and Joy!

What are two great gifts to give this holiday season?  Why, comfort and joy of course!

In honor of those two fabulous gifts, we have created two gifts for you.  First for comfort these "comfort and joy tags" - use a standard single hole punch and ribbon to tie one to a bottle of wine (comfort and joy, and for great wine gift ideas, ask Bobbie) a container of hot cocoa-mix, or perhaps something warm and comforting like a hand-knit scarf or mittens.  To help create joy, these 1 inch mint-candy circles- punch them out with a one inch punch (need one?  You can get one at a craft store like Micheal's, or you can order one here) you can even cut them out with scissors if you  like.  Scatter these little bit of joy everywhere, hang them from your tree, make a garland, toss them in the air like confetti, we do not mind, do whatever you wish, as long as it brings joy!

Some of you may be looking at these thinking...hey that is the Peppermint and Spearmint collection, and you would be right!  Bobbie an I are working on your fantastic party set as I type (Okay Bobbie is, I am typing).  We still do not have a winning theme set chosen, so if you have not voted yet, please do (click here for a quick trip to the choices), and get a FREE gift for voting!

To get your Comfort and Joy set, our gift to you, write to us at
Want to talk to Bobbie or myself personally?  You can write to us at

Let's make this blog-a-zine fun and interactive, share a post here about something that brings you comfort or joy or both!

Thank You

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