Saturday, December 4, 2010

Comfort and Joy!

What are two great gifts to give this holiday season?  Why, comfort and joy of course!

In honor of those two fabulous gifts, we have created two gifts for you.  First for comfort these "comfort and joy tags" - use a standard single hole punch and ribbon to tie one to a bottle of wine (comfort and joy, and for great wine gift ideas, ask Bobbie) a container of hot cocoa-mix, or perhaps something warm and comforting like a hand-knit scarf or mittens.  To help create joy, these 1 inch mint-candy circles- punch them out with a one inch punch (need one?  You can get one at a craft store like Micheal's, or you can order one here) you can even cut them out with scissors if you  like.  Scatter these little bit of joy everywhere, hang them from your tree, make a garland, toss them in the air like confetti, we do not mind, do whatever you wish, as long as it brings joy!

Some of you may be looking at these thinking...hey that is the Peppermint and Spearmint collection, and you would be right!  Bobbie an I are working on your fantastic party set as I type (Okay Bobbie is, I am typing).  We still do not have a winning theme set chosen, so if you have not voted yet, please do (click here for a quick trip to the choices), and get a FREE gift for voting!

To get your Comfort and Joy set, our gift to you, write to us at
Want to talk to Bobbie or myself personally?  You can write to us at

Let's make this blog-a-zine fun and interactive, share a post here about something that brings you comfort or joy or both!

Thank You


  1. Thank you, these are sooo pretty! I love the red white and green together. =)

  2. Thank you! They are pretty together. So tell us a little about something that brings you joy :)

  3. Right now, we're sitting in our warm, cozy house looking at the snow outside. Nothing says comfort and joy more to me. Those little candies are so sweet! Thanks, Sally

  4. Oh that sounds perfect, Sally. I am hoping for snow here today (Northern Nevada), oh if it happens I will be thrilled!

  5. A room filled with laughter brings me comfort & joy

  6. Happy children. Especially when I see them getting along, such as playing a game, when the rest of the house is clean.

  7. Variety-here is a little something your children might like to play with, you know once the house is clean :)

  8. Just discovered you via Tip Junkie - and I LOVE it!
    Retro design is my favorite, so y'all have definitely got my attention!
    Wished I'd spotted this sooner for my parties...will bookmark you for the future and my next 'Cookies & Cocktails' Christmas !
    Check out my blog at


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