Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Would YOU like to be a Shy Socialite?

The Shy Socialites are looking for Wedding-theme models.  Interested?  What we are looking for are pictures of your special day that we can use in our catalog and portfolio as examples of what we can do for our clients. We are currently looking for
bride photos (full gown and face)
groom photos
wedding couple photos
bridesmaid and groomsmen photos
flower girl and ring- bearer photos
pets dressed for the event photos
cake photos
You MUST have permission from the photographer/cake designer to share the photos (photos you took yourself and cakes you have made yourself are perfect), and we will need permission from you to use your photo and your illustrated likeness in our example catalog, as well as permission to use your illustrated likeness in our catalog of characters for those who want to quick-pick already drawn characters.  We also may change or modify your likeness in out catalog.  Please include your name and an alternative name for your character (we want each character to have their own name, consider your middle or surname, or just a name you love!)

What YOU will get if your photo is chosen- Each person chosen will receive a file of their illustrated character image (or couple) as well as a face “avatar” of themselves to use online.  One or two lucky models will received a digital file paper-doll of themselves!  You will not received exclusives rights to the image, as they are intended for our business, while you can print them out and use them on items you make for yourself, and you will not have permission to resell the image.  We cannot guarantee and exact match for hair, eye or skin colors.
If you are interested, write to info@shysocialites .com for details and the steps we need to take.
Not all photos sent may be used, but keep in mind we will have many more model-casting calls this year.  This one is just for WEDDING theme characters.  No wedding photos?  Don't fret, more casting calls coming soon!
the Shy Socialites

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